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Home to Trumpeters, Form pigeons, Classic Old Frills, and rare colored Racing Homers

Welcome! Updated 1/27/22

Thank you for visiting our website! We will be updating and making this a better website after nearly a decade of it sitting idle.

I have moved to Illinois and have maintained my racing homer bloodlines that I had back when I started in 1993. Many thanks to Darin Schlief for housing them and using them while I was transitioning away from the farm in Minnesota and finally landed in Illinois. 

We currently have racing homers (mostly barless and rare colors), German Beak Crested Trumpeters thanks to Roy Arbeider and English Trumpeters thanks to Darin Schlief and Greg Pola. Altenburg Trumpeters from Tim Starr, Classic Old Frills from Laszlo Bardoci and have a few Booz from Keaton Taylor. 

Fellow Bokhara Breeders from all over Europe and the USA after the show. I made many new friends and finally met others that I had only corresponded with over the internet. I am the one with the baseball cap on! :)

Den Haag, The Netherlands Bokhara Trumpeter Show November 2001